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MTH 1150 - Contemporary Mathematics Resource Guide

Here is where you'll find library database resources, library print resources, websites you should review, recent news and videos, professional organizations, and other tips that will you in your program.

Note: If you are accessing these resources from a non-university computer, you will need the remote access password to access many of these resources. You can find this information on the Madonna University Portal.

The Report - Getting Started:

Each student is required to select a mathematical topic of interest and write a report on that topic. Since math is EVERYWHERE, the list of possible topics can be overwhelming. Below is a simplified list of library resources to help you get started finding topics:

  • FactsOnFile - Today's Science - Mathematics
    • This database has topic listings for applied mathematics, history of science, and theorems and proofs. What's great about using this as a starting place is that these resources are high quality academic resources that are suitable for your paper!
  • Search the Library Catalog
    • The Madonna University Library's catalog has MANY book about mathematics-related topics. A large selection of these books can be accessed in eBook form, so you can read on your computer 24/7! You will be surprised at what you find. If you have trouble finding an item on the shelf or if you're having difficulty figuring out how to narrow down your search, ASK A LIBRARIAN. We're here to help you. See the HELP! section below.

Current Research - Finding Articles in Journals:

Your topic may require looking at some current research. For this, you'll want to look at articles from journals. Some of the journal databases you can access are:

  • Academic Search Complete
  • Listing of Mathematics Journals by Subject Area
    • You can get a listing of mathematics journals by subject area here. Click the link next to the journal title to access that content and browse/search that specific journal for content. This is a fairly inefficient way to find articles if you're looking for something specific, but it's a fantastic way to browse a particular journal article to learn about what's new in the mathematics field. Sometimes, this is a more effective way to find a topic that interests you if you don't spot something in the book resources above.


The Library offers lots of help, but it's important that you understand what we can and cannot do for you:


  • Help you find sources for your topic.
  • Help you find help for citing your sources.
  • Show you how to use our catalog, electronic databases, etc.
  • Help you learn be a better independent researcher.


  • Proofread your papers
  • Do your research FOR you. Doing proper research requires a lot of reading and lots of time. Set aside a block of time to spend on this paper. We're here to make sure you don't waste that time using resources that are inappropriate for academic research papers.

We offer help in many different ways:

  • Stop by the Reference Desk in the Library. A librarian is available during library hours to help you!
  • Use our Ask-a-Librarian e-mail form. Tell us what class this is for, what the assignment is, and let us know where you're stuck so we can help you better!
  • Call the reference desk during library hours at 734-432-5767.
  • You can also directly contact your library liason

Revised 11/2019