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To locate full text electronic journals for this major, click Journals and search by journal title, or browse titles under these subject categories: "Language & Literatures," "Journalism & Communications." (Titles with a * below are available electronically)

If no electronic access is available, search journals in print in our catalog.

  • American Drama*
  • American Journalism*
  • American Journalism Review*
  • American Literary History*
  • American Poetry Review*
  • Antioch Review*
  • ANQ: American Notes and Queries*
  • College Composition and Communication*
  • College English*
  • College Literature*
  • Columbia Journalism Review
  • Comparative Literature
  • Contemporary Literature
  • Early American Literature*
  • Editor & Publisher*
  • EJournalist*
  • ELH*
  • Enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing and Culture*
  • Essays in Criticism*
  • Explicator*
  • Forum: College Composition and Communication*
  • Innovative Journalism*
  • Issues in Writing*
  • Journal of Children's Literature*
  • Journal of Narrative Theory*
  • Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly*
  • Kairos*
  • Mississippi Quarterly*
  • MLN
  • Modern Fiction Studies
  • Modern Language Quarterly*
  • Mythlore*
  • Nineteenth-Century Literature*
  • North American Review
  • Papers on Language & Literature*
  • Poetry*
  • Poets and Writers*
  • Quill*
  • Renascence*
  • Review of English Studies*
  • Sewanee Review*
  • Shakespeare Studies (Columbia)*
  • Southern Literary Journal*
  • Studies in the Literary Imagination*
  • Studies in the Novel*
  • Style*
  • TriQuarterly*
  • Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature
  • Twentieth Century Literature*
  • Washington Journalism Review*
  • Writer*
  • Writers' Digest*


Revised 07/2019


Search for books in the Madonna Catalog using the default Search Library Catalog option for best results.

  • Contemporary authors. Detroit, Gale Research. CT120 .C77
  • Contemporary literary criticism. Detroit, Gale Research. PN771 .C761
  • Nineteenth century literature criticism. Detroit, Gale Research. PN761 .N714
  • Twentieth century literary criticism. Detroit, Gale Research. PN771 .T971
  • Baker, Nancy, and Nancy Huling. A research guide for undergraduate students: English and American literature. New York: Modern Language Association, 2006. PR56.B34 2006
  • Balkun, Mary. The American counterfeit: Authenticity and identity in American literature and culture. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2006. PS228.C68 B35 2006
  • Baron, Naomi S. Always on: Language in an online and mobile world. New York: Oxford University Press, 2008. P107.B37 2008
  • Baughman, James. The republic of mass culture: Journalism, filmmaking, and broadcasting in America since 1941. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006. P92.U5 B345 2006
  • Bell, Bernard. The contemporary African American novel: Its folk roots and modern literary branches. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2004. PS153.N5 B45 2004
  • Blayer, Irene and Monica Sanchez (Eds.). Storytelling: Interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives. New York: Peter Lang, 2002. GR72.3 .S78 2002
  • Cai, Mingshui. Multicultural literature for children and young adults: Reflections on critical issues. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2002. PN1009.A1 C29 2002
  • Cappon, Rene J. The Associated Press guide to news writing. Forest City, CA: IDG Books Worldwide, 2000. PN4783.C283 2000
  • Claybaugh, Amanda. The novel of purpose: Literature and social reform in the Anglo-American world. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2007. PR778.S62 C57 2007
  • Edgar, Christopher, and Gary Lenhart (Eds.). The teachers and writers guide to classic American literature. New York: Teachers & Writers Collaborative, 2001. PS42.T36 2001
  • Ehrenworth, Mary. The power of grammar: Unconventional approaches to the conventions of language. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2005. PE1404.E36 2005
  • Fink, Conrad C. Writing to inform and engage: The essential guide to beginning news and magazine writing. Boulder, CO: Westview, 2003. PN4775 .F56 2003
  • Griswold, Jerome. Feeling like a kid: Childhood and children's literature. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 2006. PN1009.A1 G75 2006
  • Hachten, William A. The troubles of journalism: A critical look at what's right and wrong with the press. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005. PN4855.H24 2005
  • Holdstein, Deborah H., and David Bleich (Eds.). Personal effects: The social character of scholarly writing. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press, 2001. PE1404.P457 2001
  • Kalaidjian, Walter (Ed.). The Cambridge companion to American Modernism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005. PS228.M63 C36 2005
  • McDonald, Gail. American literature and culture, 1900-1960. Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2007. PS221. M394 2007
  • Millard, Kenneth. Coming of age in contemporary American fiction. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2007. PS374.B55 M65 2007
  • Norales, Francisca O. Crosscultural communication: Concepts, cases, and challenges. Youngstown, NY: Cambria, 2006. HM258.C76 2006
  • Porter, Joy, and Kenneth Rankin (Eds.). The Cambridge companion to Native American literature. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005. PS153.152 C36 2005
  • Rabinger, Michael. Developing story ideas. Burlington, MA: Focal Press, 2006. PN1996.R16 2006
  • Rankin, Elizabeth. The work of writing: Insights and strategies for academics and professionals. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2001. PE1404.R356 2001
  • Roberts, Edgar V. Writing about literature. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2006. PE1479.C7 R59 2006
  • Schuster, Edgar H. Breaking the rules: Liberating writers through innovative grammar instruction. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2003. LB1631.S285 2003
  • Tatum, Charles M. Chicano and Chicano literature: Otra voz del pueblo. Tuscon: University of Arizona Press, 2006. PS153.M4 T38 2006
  • Weinstein, Arnold. A scream goes through the house: What literature teaches us about life. New York: Random House, 2003. PN47.W45 2003
  • Whithaus, Carl. Teaching and evaluating writing in the age of computers and high-stakes testing. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum, 2005. PE1405.U6 W47 2005

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