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Sign Language Studies: Resource Guide

Revised 10/2018


The following Databases are recommended:

Revised 10/2018


To locate individual full text e-journals, click “Journals” on the library home page.
Select “Social Science” in drop-down window under “Browse e-journals by subject” and click on “Search.”
Next, click on “Disabilities” under the heading “Social Welfare & Social Work.” There are 61 journals listed.

Print Journals

  • American Annals of the Deaf
  • DBL Review
  • Deaf Life
  • Gallaudet Today
  • JADARA: Journal of the American Deafness and Rehabilitation Assn.
  • NAD Magazine: A Publication of the National Association of the Deaf
  • Sign Language Studies
  • Views
  • Volta Review


Revised 07/2019


The following Books and eBooks are recommended:

  • Armstrong, David F.  Show of hands: a natural history of sign language. Washington, DC: Gallaudet, 2011.
    HV2474 A76 2011
  • Baker, Anne. Sign language acquisition. Philadelphia: Benjamins Pub., 2008
  • Balkany, Thomas J. and Tom Bertling. An intellectual look at American Sign Language: clear thinking on American Sign Language, English, and deaf education. Wilsonville: Kodiak Media, 2001.
    HV2474 I563 2001
  • Dennis, Kirsten. Sign to learn: American Sign Language in the early childhood classroom. St.Paul: Redleaf Pr., 2005.
    HV2474 D46 2005
  • Emmorey, Karen. Language, cognition, and the brain: insights from sign language research. Mahwah: Lawrence Erlbaum, 2002.
    P117 E46 2002
  • Fox, Margalit . Talking hands: what sign language reveals about the mind. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2007.
    P117 F69 2007
  • Grayson, Gabriel. Talking with your hands, listening with your eyes: a complete photographic guide to American Sign Language. Garden City Pk.: Square One Pub., 2003.
    HV2474 G73 2003
  • Hoza, Jack. It's not what you sign, it's how you sign it: politeness in American Sign Language. Washington,DC: Gallaudet, 2007.
    HV2474 H69 2007
  • Liddell, Scott K. Grammar, gesture, and meaning in American Sign Language. Cambridge: CUP, 2003.
    HV2474 L53 2003
  • Lucas, Ceil. Multilingualism and sign languages: from the Great Plains to Australia. Washington, DC: Gallaudet, 2006.
    P115 M785 2006
  • Lucas, Ceil. Turn-taking, fingerspelling, and contact in signed languages. Washington, DC: Gallaudet, 2002.
    HV2474 T876 2002
  • Lucas, Ceil, Robert Bayley, and Clayton Valli. The sociolinguistic variation in American Sign Language. Washington, DC: Gallaudet, 2001.
    HV2474 L83 2001
  • Lucas, Ceil, Robert Bayley, and Clayton Valli. What’s your sign for pizza?: an introduction to variation in American Sign Language. Washington, DC: Gallaudet, 2003.
    HV2474 L835 2003
  • Marschark, Marc. Deaf cognition: foundations and outcomes. New York: OUP, 2008.
    HV2430 D412 2008
  • Mathur, Gaurav. Deaf around the world: the impact of language. New York: OUP, 2011.
    HV2474 D43 2011
  • Meadow-Orlans, Kathryn .P. The world of deaf infants: a longitudinal study. New York: OUP, 2004.
    HV2391 M4 2004
  • Mindess, Anna. Reading between the signs: intercultural communication for sign language interpreters. Boston: Intercultural Pr., 2006.
    HV2402 M56 2006
  • Monaghan, Leila. Many ways to be deaf: international variation in deaf communities. Washington, DC: Gallaudet, 2003.
    HV2395 M36 2003
  • Neidle, Carol Jan. The syntax of American Sign Language: functional categories and hierarchical structure. Cambridge: MIT, 2000.
    HV2474 S994 2000
  • Padden, Carol, and Tom Humphries. Inside deaf culture. Cambridge: Harvard, 2005.
    HV2545 P35 2005
  • Quinto-Pozos, David. Sign languages in contact. Washington, DC: Gallaudet, 2007.
    P117 S53 2007
  • Roy, Cynthia B. New approaches to interpreter education. Washington, DC: Gallaudet, 2006.
    HV2402 N49 2006
  • Schick, Brenda et al. Advances in the sign language development of deaf children. New York: OUP, 2006
  • Sheridan, Martha. Inner lives of deaf children: interviews and analysis. Washington DC, Gallaudet, 2001.
    HV2391 S58 2001
  • Siegel, Lawrence M. The human right to language: communication access for deaf children. Washington, DC: Gallaudet, 2008.
    KF480.5.D4 S54 2008
  • Stewart, David Alan, Jerome Schein, and Brenda E. Cartwright. Sign language interpreting: exploring its art and science. Boston: Pearson, 2004.
    HV2474 S68 2004
  • Tabak, John. Significant gestures: a history of American Sign Language. Westport: Praeger, 2006.
    HV2474 T3 2006
  • Tennant, Richard A, and Marianne Brown. The American Sign Language handshape dictionary. Washington, DC: Gallaudet, 2010.
    Ref HV2474 T46 2010
  • Valli, Clayton. The Gallaudet dictionary of American Sign Language. Washington, DC: Gallaudet, 2005
    HV2475 G35 2005
  • Valli, Clayton, Ceil Lucas, and Kristin J.Mulrooney. Linguistics of American Sign Language: an introduction. Washington, DC: Clerc Bks.,2005.
    HV2474 V35 2005
  • VanCleve, John V. Genetics, disability, and deafness. Washington DC, Gallaudet, 2004.
    RF292 G465 2004
  • Vermeerbergen, Myriam et al. Simultaneity in signed languages. Philadelphia: Benjamins Pub., 2007

Revised 08/01/2016


The following Websites are recommended:


Resources and Links

  • American Sign Language Browser (Deaf Education site sponsored at Michigan State University “…where you can look up video of thousands of ASL signs and learn interesting things about them.”)
  • ASL Dictionary of Religious Signs (With no claim to be comprehensive, “Deaf Missions” aims “…to provide a reliable, high-quality internet reference source for anyone interested in religious signs.”)
  • Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center (at Gallaudet University)
    Information on Deafness
  • Deaf Linx (A large selection of resources with the aim of “Fighting audism through empowerment and education”)
  • The Deaf Resource Library (“…an online collection of reference material and links intended to educate and inform people about Deaf cultures in Japan and the United States…”)
  • Journal of Interpretation (...a scholarly publication of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf that includes articles, research reports and commentaries relevant to the interpreting field.)
  • Queer ASL: Queer ASL is an anti oppressive, transgender and queer positive environment with a focus on creating a more accessible, affordable, and safer space for folks who want to learn American Sign Language.

Revised 07/20/2018

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