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MTH 4960: Senior Seminar in Elementary Mathematics Education
This guide has been prepared for students at Madonna University. For more information, or for help using these resources, please contact one of our librarians.

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This list is not exhaustive, but represents the more commonly cited journals in the field. The dates covered vary by the format in which they are offered, so please be sure to check both the electronic and print formats, where applicable.

* To access electronic journals, use our website to search electronic journals by title.

  • List of specific Journal titles by subject:


The library maintains many resources on mathematics, both in print and as eBooks. Some suggested items are listed below, or browse the catalog or call number areas. For assistance in locating any of these items, please contact a reference librarian.

Ebrary eBooks

  • Search for one or two key topics and then narrow the search results using the subject checkboxes. (Example)

Madonna Library Catalog:

History of Mathematics: QA 21-27

Teaching Mathematics: QA 1-20



History of Mathematics Sites

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