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  • CSE Style (Research and Documentation Online) 7th Edition
  • Ethics and Science

    While hardly an exhaustive list, the items below give you a good sampling of what’s available at the library on these subjects both in print and in electronic form. 

    Sample Search Terms: Environmental ethicsInformation Science Moral and Ethical aspectsInformation technology  Social AspectsScience Moral and Ethical aspects


    Sample catalog searches: The Big Bang, The Solar System, The Planets, Cosmology, Space Flights, Satellites and Probes, Galaxies


    Sample catalog searches: biology, agriculture technology, invasive species


    Sample catalog searches: chemistry, green chemistry

    Earth Science

    Sample catalog searches: Atmospheric and water Pollution, Environmental Hazards and Human Health, Pollution and prevention, Renewable EnergyGlobal Warming/Climate  Change, Global Disasters: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Nuclear Power, Ozone, Acid Rain, Ocean Acidification


    Sample Catalog searches: Renewable Energy, Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Physics, Electron Microscopes, Computer Microelectronics, Optics, Acoustics, Measurements and Instruments


    Sample Catalog searches: Nano technology, glass technology, superconductors, food technology