HIS 2310: United States to 1900

Most of the commonly cited journals in U. S. history are available both in print at Madonna Library and online from various databases the library subscribes. To access full-text electronic journals, click on Journals from library home page and search by journal title, or browse titles under subject of "History & Anthropology", you will find "General History" and "Regions & Countries" with various numbers of titles. The following lists are some of the examples:

  • The Journal of American history (Electronic | Print)
  • Reviews in American history (Electronic | Print)
  • Journal of American studies (Electronic | Print)
  • The Historian; a journal of history (Electronic | Print)
  • American studies (Electronic | Print)
  • The Midwest quarterly (Electronic | Print)
  • Labor history (Electronic | Print)
  • Civil War history (Electronic | Print)
  • The Journal of American history (Electronic | Print)
  • American journal of political science (Electronic | Print)
  • The North American review (Electronic | Print)
  • Journal of American culture (Electronic | Print)
  • The American journal of economics and sociology (Electronic | Print)
  • The Journal of interdisciplinary history (Electronic | Print)
  • Social science history (Electronic | Print)
  • The Journal of economic history (Electronic | Print)
  • The Journal of politics (Electronic | Print)
  • Prologue: the journal of the National Archives (Print)
  • The American historical review (Electronic | Print)

The following Books are recommended:

We have a large collection of electronic books available from the Ebrary and other databases.  To search ebooks in the database, put your topic as a key word in the search box, you will get a list of the results such as the followings:


The following Websites are recommended:

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