HIS 3330: Modern World
Updated by Lijun Xue 7/2015

The following Journals are recommended:

Most of the commonly cited journals in history are available both in print at Madonna Library and online from various databases the library subscribes. To access full-text electronic journals, click on Journals from library home page and search by journal title, or browse titles under subject of "History & Anthropology", you will find "General History" and "Regions & Countries" with various numbers of titles. The following lists are some of the examples:

  • The Journal of modern history (Electronic | Print)
  • The Journal of European economic history (Electronic | Print)
  • European history quarterly . (Electronic | Print)
  • Past & present (Electronic | Print)
  • The World today (Electronic | Print)
  • Diplomatic history (Electronic | Print)
  • Journal of European studies (Electronic | Print)
  • Central European history (Electronic | Print)
  • The Journal of European economic history (Electronic | Print)
  • Journal of interamerican studies and world affairs (Electronic | Print)
  • Journal of contemporary history (Electronic | Print)
  • Journal of urban history (Electronic | Print)
  • World politics (Electronic | Print)
  • International social science journal ( Print)

The following Books are recommended:

We have a large collection of electronic books available from Ebrary and Gale Virtual Reference.  To search for ebooks in these databases, put your topic as a key word in the search box, you will get a list of the results. The followings are some ebooks related to Modern World:

The following Websites are recommended:

The following Citation Guides are recommeded:

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