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What is a wiki?

“A Wiki is a collaborative tool that allows students to contribute and modify one or more pages of course-related material”

What are the benefits of using a wiki in Bb?

  • Faculty can easily see and evaluate each student’s participation
  • The wiki is available on your blackboard class as long as needed and can be referred to repeatedly
  • Students can showcase their creativity and learn to use different technologies besides powerpoint

How do I create a wiki in my Bb course site?

Can students work in groups on a wiki?

  • Yes. Go to Groups>Create Single Group
  • Choose how the students will be enrolled in the wiki
    In Self Enroll, they pick their group
    In Manual Enroll you place them in a group from the class list
  • Enable the functions you need. Be sure to enable the wiki function
  • Click submit

What are some problems I might encounter with my wikis?

  • Students in groups see multiple different wiki entry pages, but can use any page
  • Copying and pasting info into the text box results in partial words on the left margin. Typing directly into the text box solves this problem
  • Photos, charts, or text cut and pasted directly from the internet are distorted or do not load. Resizing and saving photos as jpeg files before uploading them will help. Using the attach image function in Bb also works.
  • Fonts and symbols become strange characters. Using the standard fonts in the drop down menu and the symbol picker function solves this problem.
  • Wiki readers need to scroll left and right to see/read all the text. Resizing photos/charts before uploading will help with this problem.

Tips & Techniques

  • Create a wiki about wiki’s within your Bb page with instructions, best practices, FAQ, etc., for students.
  • Discourage pages of only text
  • Encourage student creativity…tell them to have fun!

Revised 04/2019