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Some library resources require special considerations when linking to them inside your Blackboard course, on your blog, or when you include links on a printed document. Here, you'll find some tutorials to help you do this properly so your classes run smoothly.

Linking to Databases

The library provides many subscription databases for faculty and student research. Linking to these databases has to be done properly to ensure proper access. The video tutorial below demonstrates how this is done.

Linking to Articles in Databases

If you want to link to specific articles inside databases, these general steps will help you do this properly so your students don't get lost!

  1. Find the article you want to link to in a database
  2. Look for PERMALINKS, BOOKMARKS, or DOCUMENT URLs - These point directly to the article in question reliably from on-campus wired computers.
    • Some database products (ProQuest, EBSCOhost, etc.) add our EZProxy prefix to these links for you.
    • Other database products will need to have the EZProxy prefix added manually when you paste the link into another document.
    • Madonna University Library's EZProxy prefix is:
      The permalink/bookmark/document URL for the article should appear AFTER this EZProxy prefix. 

Using these steps, you can add a link to an article within Blackboard, in an e-mail message, or on a printed syllabus and your students will be properly directed to this resource. 

Example Article Title: Sugar Belly: How Much is Too Much Sugar?
The URL used:,uid&db=ccm&AN=2011519538&site=ehost-live
(Watch the video

Revised 04/2019