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1.* To find out whether or not Madonna University Library owns a book you need, you should use?

2.* What does "23" in the citation below signify?
Porter-O'Grady, T. (1993). Patient-focused care service models and nursing: Perils and possibilities. The Journal of Nursing Administration, 23, 7-8.?

3.* Which of these keyword searches should retrieve the FEWEST results in an online database?

4.* When books are arranged in correct order on the shelves by call number, which of the following call numbers will be first?
539 678 45 5 4117
.V29 .C48 .F455 .H374 .M39
2000 1988 1999 2002 2001

5.* Scholarly articles generally contain the following elements:

6.* Copying text from a web site without identifying the source is an example of

7.* is?

8.* A bibliography is?

9.* You should include citations in your research paper because:

10.* Which is NOT a good strategy to use to narrow an ERIC search in EBSCOhost?

11.* What is the BEST place to find a scholarly article?

12.* Which element from an online catalog record would you need to use to actually locate a book owned by MU library?

13.* You have to find criticism on Margaret Mitchell's novel Gone with the Wind. In an online catalog you should

14.* Journals differ from magazines in that:

15.* What would you assume is the primary purpose of the Texas Beef Council's web site (

16.* APA and MLA style both refer to:

17.* Who would represent the target audience for a scholarly journal about botany?

18.* Which is the best source for current information on the war in Iraq?

19.* Which topic requires a more current source of information?

20.* To critically evaluate the qualifications of an author on a topic, you should consider all but:

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