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1.* To locate books owned by the Madonna University Library, you should use

2.* I read a book for a course I was taking at Madonna University. It contained the footnote: Bonilla-Silva, E. (1997). Rethinking racism: Toward a structural interpretation. American Sociological Review, 62, 465-480. This citation is for

3.* When searching in a research database, the use of Boolean operators "And", "Or" and "Not" can be useful in narrowing or widening your search results. Which word would you use to increase the number of the items you will retrieve?

4.* The following call numbers are in correct order:

181 267 75 75 411
.V29 .C48 .B4 .H374 .M39
2001 1987 1999 2000 2002

5.* A primary source is

6.* Failure to give credit to your sources of information is called

7.* Google is

8.* An abstract is

9.* If you need a book or an article which the MU library does not have,

10.* What is the BEST way to search for books on a given topic?

11.* Which is the best place to find research published by scholars, experts or professionals?

12.* Library classification systems arrange books on the library shelves

13.* What is the difference between a keyword search and a subject (controlled vocabulary) search in a research database

14.* How do you know if someone is an authority on climate change?

15.* What would you assume is the primary purpose of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine ( web site?

16.* APA and MLA style both refer to?

17.* Who would represent the target audience for the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior?

18.* Which topic requires a more current source of information?

19.* The Web is the most current and accurate source of information for every topic.

20.* In critically evaluating information sources you should consider all but


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