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Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing: Literature Appraisal

This guide provides principles and resources for using evidence-based practice research in nursing and medicine.

Evidence Appraisal Tools

How do I Appraise My Literature?

Keep the following criteria in mind when appraising your literature:

  • Validity: Look for trials that mimic clinical practice with outcomes that make sense.
    • Outcomes should be large, useful, and statistically significant.
    • Did the experiment demonstrate a cause-effect relationship between the independent and dependent variables?
  • Reliability: Examine the numerical data reported for trials to see if they have large numbers of patients to avoid the random chance that leads to wrong outcomes.
    • Are the results replicable in clinical practice? Is the methodology described in detail so the experiment can be repeated
  • Applicability: Evaluate the study’s patients in comparison to the patients the evidence will be applied to.

Watch this video to learn more questions to ask during evidence appraisal.