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Research Survival Guide: Types of Research

This guide will help you learn how to conduct college-level research for your classes.

What Types of Articles will I Find While Researching?

There are many different types of articles available during your research Here are some examples:

  • Clinical Trial: A research study performed on human subjects to evaluate a medical, surgical, or behavioral treatment/intervention.
  • Meta Analysis: Systematic combination of qualitative/quantitative study data from multiple studies to develop one conclusion.
  • Randomized Controlled Trial: Study that randomly assigns participants to an experimental or control group. The only difference between the two groups is the variable being studied. 
  • Double Blind Trial: Study in which neither the participants nor the experimenter knows who received the treatment being studied. This is used to prevent bias.
  • Review Article: Source that analyzes or synthesizes research already conducted on the topic. These generally summarize the current state of the research.
  • Case Studies: An intensive study of a person, group, or unit which aims to generalize the results or examine in-depth data relating to several variables.
  • Original Research/Empirical Article: An article that reports research based on actual observations or experiments. May use different types of research methods to study two or more variables.
  • Theoretical Article: Refers to new/established principles related to a specific field. These do not contain research or present experimental data. Look for terms like concept, conceptual framework, theoretical foundation to see if an article is theoretical.
  • Quantitative: The collection and analysis of numerical data used to find patters, make predictions, test relationships, and generalize results for wider populations.
  • Qualitative: The collection and analysis of non-numerical data to understand concepts, experiences, and opinions. Can also be used to gather in-depth insights into a problem and generate new ideas for research.
  • Trade: Publications whose target audience is the people who work a specific trade/industry. Can contain elements of both scholarly and popular publications.